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Find the best products near you or any location. Just walk the city and see what is available around.

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Its totaly free, simply request a owner account and you will be able to publish pictures, and assign them to your different shops locations…. and finally attrack more customers.

Potential customers are all around, attrack them by providing nice pictures of your new articles and bestsellers.

70% of the buying decisions are made when peoples are in front of the article, so attrack customers that are just near your shop, they will easily follow the path to your place.

You have several shops, its perfect, assign your pictures to several shop locations, no matter where your customers are, if they are around one of your shop… you will attrack them.

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Peoples feedbacks

We own several shops in the whole country and it is amazing how it is easy to attrack new customers and keep them updated about our new articles and promotions.

Diana Zara - Regionial Shops Manager

I really love spending my week end time in shopping, since I discovered SoCloze I exactly know what I want and the place to go to find interesting products.

Laure whitaker - Professional Shopper

Between familly and children I have no time for shopping but with SoCloze I directly go to the right articles and shops, I can plan exactly where I want to go.

Zack Dodemont - Full time Dad

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